Shamir lenses

Shamir Optical Industry Ltd us one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses and moulds. Famous for its innovation, technological sophistication ad rigorous quality assurance practices, Shamir has snowballed into a global enterprise with a competitive edge.

Shamir Autograph III™

Based on a ground breaking concept in lens design, Shamir Autograph III is a new balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient, ensuring unparalleled visual comfort for all by:

  • Handling  individual visual issues of hyperopic and myopic presbyopes
  • Minimizing postural discomfort and  unnecessary head movements through ergonomic design
  • Providing a unique power profile for clearer vision in the intermediate vision zone
  • Offering 4 times greater design stability to frame tilt variations, in any frame

Shamir Attitude III™

The award winning back surface Freeform Attitude® III Sport, Fashion & SV lenses have vision zonesthat are especially suited for any lifestyle or activity, be it extreme sports or an outdoor coffee with friends, and expanded peripheral vision specifically designed for large frames.

  • Shamir Attitude® III Sport - Progressive lens design ideal for sport and active lifestyles
  • Shamir Attitude® III Fashion - Progressive lens design ideal for all fashion sunglasses
  • Shamir Attitude® III SV - Single vision lens design ideal for fashion sunglass and sports

Shamir Glacier™ UV Coatings

SHAMIR GLACIER PLUS™ UV - First in a line of advanced lens coatings, offering enhanced durability, easy maintenance, extra visual comfort, and comprehensive double-sided UV protection.

SHAMIR GLACIER™ ACHROMATIC UV - A crystal clear coating, keeping eyes bright and adding no residual colour to the lens.

SHAMIR GLACIER™ BLUE UV - Five times more effective protection against the harmful rays of artificial light than any existing conventional lens coating.

SHAMIR GLACIER SUN™ UV - Designed for sunwear, leaves sunglass lens tint unchanged and protected from fading.