Essilor Vision R 800

Essilor's new Vision R 800 takes refraction to a whole new level. With accuracy now possible to 0.01D, patients will experience clear vision like never before. The Vision R 800 is paired with lenses using Essilor's new AVA (Advanced Vision Accuracy) technology on Varilux X Series, Varilux E Series, Varilux Physio 3.0, and Eyezen lenses. Please contact Horizon customer services, or your Horizon account manager if you would like to arrange a demonstration in your practice with the Vision R 800.

BBGR launches BluV Xpert

BluV Xpert is BBGR's latest lens innovation. The lens uses technology embedded into the material to reduce the amount of blue-violet light transmitted into the eye. This effect can be further enhanced by specifying BluV Xpert lenses with BBGR's Neva Max Blue UV coating. Find out more about the product on BBGR's website: . BluV Xpert lenses are available to order through Horizon Optical both online and via our customer services team.

Essilor Eyezen Start

Crizal Sapphire UV

Essilor has launched its brand new anti-reflective Crizal Sapphire UV lens as the ultimate choice for pure vision, comfort and aesthetic experience, and have described it as another expression of its mission of improving lives by improving sight.

It said at the launch that the lens has broken the traditional compromise between anti-reflective (AR) performance and UV protection. It offers ESPF 35 protection and provides much needed relief for vision plagued by invasive light.

Wearer trials showed 91% preferred it to their previous eyewear and 70% judged it more efficient on reflections than even Crizal Forte UV.

Essilor said the new lens will “enhance all the light of our lives” and offer absolute transparency to millions of spectacle wearers who are bombarded with light from all directions and annoying reflections. Being “almost invisible” it offers “a sensational way to see and be seen””.

Purer vision benefits include better transmission of visual information, fewer ghost images and less distracting reflections. Aesthetic benefits come from a more transparent lens which allows the eyes to be more visible at all angles, ideal for posting selfies, being photographed and filmed, applying make-up and simply being seen.

Crizal Sapphire UV is the result of patented breakthroughs including a dual HMAR architecture in which both lens surfaces interact to tackle reflections that can come from the front, the side and back of each surface.

Essilor has created new ways of designing an AR coating to out-perform the ISO standard, which was designed to work around only one frontal range of between -15° and +15°. It has created the first anti-glare coating designed to cut reflections whatever the light incident angle, off both the front and back surfaces. Compared to Crizal Forte UV, the new lens offers up to an astonishing 25% less reflection, across the angle between -45° and +45°, front and back. It said that while its AR lenses have always stood for less eyestrain, more visual comfort, safety and aesthetics, new, patented technologies have allowed it to break the compromise between UV and AR performance.

An optimised stack on both surfaces of the lens allows it to provide a new form of 360° multi-angular technology. An innovative nano layer structure on the back surface minimises visible light reflections at 360° and preserves a high level of UV protection.

The new lenses are available now.

Essilor launches Road Pilot lens

Essilor Ltd is helping its independent partners capture market share in the emerging ophthalmic driving lens category with its new Road Pilot lens.

The branded driving lens combines two new technologies for the first time, in coating and design, to enhance confidence, comfort and driving performance, particularly during night-time, lower light and challenging weather conditions.

It is offered exclusively with a new Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating which reduces distracting glare from dashboard, modern headlights, street lights, traffic lights and set surfaces with up to 90% less reflections than a simple hard coat, to maximise clear vision. 

It is available within unique single vision and Varilux forms, each tailored to deliver exceptional performance through design and coating.  It can be enhanced with Transitions XTRActive which adapts to varying light conditions, so opticians can offer the ‘ultimate, 24-7’ driving lens giving clear vision from dawn to dusk to night-time.  


Varilux X Series

Generation X is getting presbyopic and is living in a faster-paced world compared to Baby Boomers. They grew up with pervasive digital tools, they have learned to cope in a fast changing, multi-tasking world, they want to keep up the speed with the younger generations.

Multiple close distances at arm’s length

Increasingly, people are spending more time indoors and exercising their vision mostly in short and intermediate distances. Gen X is craving for seamless acuity in various everyday tasks, at multiple close distances. They want to send a text while catching up their favorite TV show on a tablet, they are checking breaking news alerts on their mobile while working on their desktop.

From 2D to 3D, Varilux® X Series is setting a new reference criteria – volume of vision

Historically, progressive lens designers were considering a single target object for one gaze direction, the near vision zone in a progressive lens was set at 40 cm at 36 degrees. Today, Essilor designers have focused their efforts on vision at arm’s length, formulating new reference criteria: volume of vision. This pioneer approach addresses the main limit of progressive lenses: the necessity to adjust head position to find the right angle.

No need for head adjustment at near distances

Essilor research has analysed in-depth the usual zone of vision in one posture. The objective was to meet most visual needs inside this zone. Varilux® X Series provides an impressive 75% match with wearers’ visual needs at arm’s length in one gaze direction, without head adjusting movement, a significant improvement compared to other premium progressive lens (vs 59% on average for competitors).

Demanding progressive wearers can now handle seamlessly multiple targets for the same gaze direction. Their sharp vision is extended by 100% in width and length, in this new defined vision zone at arm’s length.

Varilux® X Series, made possible by Xtend technology

The new progressive lenses generation is the result of a combination of Xtend, a revolution in lens conception thanks to a new calculator with 2 latest Varilux technologies: Nanoptix and SynchronEyes, and a breakthrough in the semi-finished and in binocular vision. Varilux® S® Series was breaking the compromise between fields of vision and swim effect. Xtend can now process even more complex algorithms and optimize Nanoptix structure by clusters of 7 in order to combine their power and multiply the effects.

Personalization accessible

Varilux® X Seriesis available with a new in-store tool to get patient individual measures. This new first level of personalization is so easy to dispense that it does not require any training. In only 7 minutes of meaningful in-store experience, the tool will provide reliable and robust measurements of Near Vision Behaviour.

Issential Optics Presents Continental Eyewear

We are proud to partner with Continental Eyewear to make their frame brands more accessible to the Irish market. With over 30 years experience, Continental Eyewear is one of the leading UK spectacle frame distributors. Their name is synonymous with quality products and services. Continentals growing portfolio of products includes iconic fashion brand Jaeger and award winning x-eyes collections.

Continental can offer an unrivalled product choice and unbeatable value for money at every price point.

Visit for more product information.

Special RX - Essilor Special Lenses from Issential Optics

For almost 150 years, Essilor special lenses have been helping patients with extraordinary ametropia by providing effective, out of the box visually appealing solutions. Today the range of special lenses manufactured in a specialised workshop,where 80 expert lens craftsmen deploy their unique know-how, bring simple solutions to those affected by the most severe ametropia.

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